Leendert Baaij

After a chemical education he started working at the chemical laboratory of Ferro (Holland) B.V. at Rotterdam. In this way he became familiar with silicate analyses and all common raw materials as used in the ceramic, glass and porcelain enamel industry. After three years he moved to the R&D department of the ceramic laboratory. During another 18 years he was developing a wide range of products for the growing ceramic industry during the 70ties and the 80ties of last century.

Especially, he redesigned the formulations for the cadmium selenium frits and glazes to what they are still today. Worked and lived half a year in Italy to support the ceramic business for Ferro (Holland) B.V. Continued as product manager.

Left Ferro (Holland) B.V. in 1987 and was asked to join Drakenfeld Colours to set up a new plant for the European market mainly for the compounding of the black obscuration glass enamels for the automotive industry. Stayed also a period at the Drakenfeld USA plant. Finished studies on Management and courses for ‘Statistical Process Control’, ‘Taguchi Methods’, ‘Fundamentals of Glass Technology’ and ‘Organic Additives in Ceramic Processing’.

Returned to ceramics in 1993 when Drakenfeld Colours and Degussa set up the Cerdec joint venture and the unit in The Netherlands was closed.

Joined Johnson Matthey as from 1993 till now with several technical and commercial responsibilities in the ceramic field viz. technical manager ceramic laboratory and Commercial & Technical Manager Special Ceramics.

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