The Defiant Red has been released

As already announced some weeks ago the book ‘The Defiant Red’ has now been released and can be ordered by return mail or via the order page.

The book gives up-to-date information about all possibilities how to create red coloured glazes whereby the history of the various methods is also described.

If you are interested to learn more about the background of iron containing glazes like the Terra Sigillata or Imari colours, the Chinese reduced copper red glazes, uranium red glazes, chromium red glazes and, above all, the making of cadmium selenium red glazes you will find useful information in this book.

Speaking about history: the book also describes the oldest known ceramic glaze recipe as layed down in the famous clay tablets from the library of the Assyrian King Assurbanipal.

Costs of the book are Euro 24.95 excluding delivery costs. For more information about payment possibilities see the order page.

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